After writing songs and dramas, exploring music and being on all sorts of stages, I felt the passionate and artistic need to delve into a new material. In this spirit, I began painting. Seizing signs of talent is an unrevealed secret, the mystery of an artistic intuition belonging to a supernatural dimension! My encounter with painting occurred in the shadows where incomprehensible tonalities nest; fascination and intrigue live in the same soul and creation becomes a mystery in itself. My paintings are the sole witnesses of the facts...The only witnesses of this history are my paintings! … and for this reason I exchanged my role of “performer” with that of spectator. Of this scene, I attend the largest spectacle of the world: People! I like to think thateach one of my  opaintings is a “motionless movement”, a variation on the topic of the life. (Roberto Sironi)

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e la pittura

The artist and


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The  artist  and  painting