oil painting on canvas

The exhibition is an artistic and sentimental exploration in the world of movies. The artist, ROBERTO SIRONI revisits films, actors, stories and movie’s characters in a sort of remake created through an own vision. Thus, he guides us on a long, passionate and pictorial tracking shot inside a metaphorical and romantic journey that goes through a “Cinematic memory.” In this way, each picture is a unusual form of tribute, full of passion, to the Cinema. In fact, all the pictures, rolling out one after another like an improbable movie, form a very personal film library, exactly a Pocket Cinema.

On this unusual stage, Sironi plays the role of an authentic, hypothetical or presumed collector of pictures, who is so in love with the movies’ world up to become an atypical filmmaker taken by his own history, actors, scenes, lights and the many colours like in a movie where each shot is impressed in a picture which, in this case, pictorially, becomes “an artist’s shot”.

The exhibition was presented during the "Cannes  International Film Festival 2008"  as part of “ Cannes Cinépholes” at the  Studio 13 Cannes(France) . The artist exhibited 250 of his works dedicated to the cinema.

The artist and


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Pocket Cinema