PORTRAITS... (excerpts)

EDDY MAROUANI: .Now, I always make the same dream and in this dream there is always the same song, a love song! Without people as Roberto Sironi which dreams would we make? (Business manager/Paris)

ITALO “LILLI” GRECO: The difference between Paolo Conte and Roberto Sironi? Huge! .. Paolo is a Parisian, a Marseilles ... Roberto! (Ex-producer Paolo Conte - Rome)

LINA WERTHMULLER: It is rare, in our country, to listen to a little true Italian music… when I heard for the first time Roberto Sironi I said myself: finally, a little Italy! (Director/Rome)

ENNIO MELIS: Roberto Sironi is not a “cantautore”… it is not a singer… Roberto is an artist… that, it is its true trade! (Producer and ex-director of RCA/Rome)

This concert is certainly the most intimate of the artist who plays his songs which looks like small paintings of everyday life…

In this show, the artist performs his songs in Italian, French and Milanese language.

Roberto SIRONI: vocals-guitar

Elizabeth Boudjema: violin / chorus

Roberto MATTEI: double bass

"Belot e rebellòtt"

is the title of the musical show which focuses the songwriting in milanese language already appreciated by the public at European level.

The idea of this project is to make an artistic homage to its milanese origins and to France, the country which artistically  discovered him and where the artist has made many tours in theatres, cultural centres and Festivals, gaining a major and acclaim from critics and the public.

Roberto Sironi has also performed in other European countries: England, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

Roberto SIRONI: vocals-guitar

Elizabeth Boudjema: violin / chorus

Roberto MATTEI: double bass

* The shows can be represented with various musical formations! Concerts/Info: contact our staff - robertosironistaff@hotmail.com

The artist

and music

“Tandem Concert” is the new musical show that Roberto Sironi, as author and performer, offers in its new 2015/2016 Tour.

He accompanied by French violinist Elizabeth Boudjema

In this Recital, between swings, ballads and musical virtuosity, the artist, with his songs sung in Italian and French accompanies us with his stories of human/cycle on the roads of the world in an unusual musical and literary journey.

Roberto SIRONI: vocals-guitar

Elizabeth BOUDJEMA: violin-chorus

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"Cosmopolitan Concert”