"Cinema mon amour...": an impossibile  interview

First movie of ROBERTO SIRONI, this is more a tribute to the idea of making a film rather than to the cinema itself. The movie is not tied to any production, -if production means everything that is necessary to make a film-, rather to the love and passion for the Cinema  of Elizabeth Boudjema and Roberto Sironi, who believed totally in this project. Moreover, this movie could be completed thanks to the support and to the decisive participation of the actors, Evelina Primo, Tony Rucco, Daniele Lucca and Gianni Lamanna, who, together with Nello Cioffi, were able to form a smashing high-level team. Furthermore, not forget all the people who are mentioned in the film as “the protagonists by chance.” Although they have never taken part in any film before, they made it worthy with their passion and their willingness.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to France and to all those French people who supported us during the film making.

The artist

and cinema

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