Jean Gin


Lin Salomon

Thomas Salomon

Wanndy Nath-Geoffrion

Xénia Raynaud

Mélina Parent

Nadia Imbert

Alexis Raynaud

Gilles Meillat

Christine Bernard

Joséphine Malo

Gilbert Curtelin

Arthur Bouvier

Laurence Busillet

Marie-Noëlle Homaidan

Jean-Yves Girardin

Françoise Nury

Eric Eglaine

Murielle Bosso

Patricia Rodhes

Sylvie Freudenberger

Isabelle Duchesne

Franck Maucci

Sets Milan - Italy

Alessandro Filadelfia

Elena Corona

Marianna Izzo

Maurizio Lanzarone

Patrizia Macauda

Manuela Michelini

Enzo Santarelli

Susanna Mantovani

Franco Milone

Irina Malosti

Sets - France

Ivan Raynaud

Marie-Paul Chopard

Gilles Fares

Eric Poncet

Daniel Luciano

Patrice Arnaud-Godet

Philippe Busillet

Stéphane Pusset

Françoise Mauguière

Anne Klanjek

Sylvie Scoffier

François Ricker

Marc Garofolin

Lydia Guhl

Gregory Faverdin

Christiane Léger

Axelle Vadrot

Magali Thiboud

Christian Isore

Samira Ozoian

Bernard Marin

Françoise Marin

Marine Colinmaire

Arthur Chappellaz

Céline Germani

Denis Benissad

Laurent Lacrosaz

Shiori Sato


Roberto Sironi, Elizabeth Boudjema and all the team thank:

Maria Teresa Dal Poz and Michele Filadelfia  “Bar Perlage”  -  Milan/Italy

Ivan Raynaud ,Marie-Paul Chopard  and all the team of “Rocking Chair” - Challes-les-Eaux/France

William Carré and the team of  “Le New Castel” - Challes-les-Eaux /France

Eric Poncet of “Bar Deux Savoies” - Chambéry /France

Anne Klanjek and Dédé Martel of ’ “Hotel Saint-Vincent” - Apremont /France

Max François , Marc Garofolin and all the team of “Le Brin de Zinc” -  Barberaz /France

A thanks particular to Philippe Guffon.

We thank moreover: Jean-Michel Garcin and Yakov Raynaud   for sympathy and support.


The accidentally protagonists

The protagonists

Evelina Primo (as Ginette)

Tony Rucco (as Zac)

Daniele  Lucca (as Aristo)

Gianni La manna (as Jean-gin)

Roberto Sironi (as Ciak and Volodia)

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Original title : “FILM DI NOTTE “

Written and directed by Roberto Sironi

Produced by Fidia Film (Rome)

Scenario  : Roberto Sironi

Assistant Director : Nello Cioffi

Cameraman  : Nello Cioffi and Roberto Sironi

Original music by Roberto Sironi

Arrangements and instrumental execution : Roberto Sironi

Year of production 2008

Director of photography: Andrea Cuscuna /set Italy

Assistant Director of photography : Fabrizio Porcellati / set Italy

Director of photography : Nello Cioffi - Roberto Sironi /Riprese  France

Assistant Director of photography : Elizabeth Boudjema /Sets France

Casting : Roberto Sironi, Elizabeth Boudjema, Ivan Raynaud and Marie Paul Chopard

Photograph sets France: Laurent Pedretti

Photograph set “Brin de Zinc” - Barberaz /France : Reynald Reyland

Photograph set “ Bar Perlage” Milan - Italy :Andrea Cuscuna

Subtittles in french language :Elizabeth Boudjema